Montreal Craft Beer Tours offer walking tours of the unique brewpubs found within the city, along with a historical and cultural guide of the neighbourhood. The tours feature certified local guides who take visitors along the paths less travelled, the authenticity of the city, and of course walk you through the how-to’s of beer tasting and food pairings.

Our Story

Originally known as The Montreal Brewpub Experience the tour first opened in 2010, becoming the first ever craft beer tour company in Montreal. Co-founded by Frédérik Nissen community organizer and innovator of projects such as Givebox, Restaurant Day, and Héros de Karaoké, and Ismael Ulvik keen entrepreneur whose passions lie in tourism and giving back, came together to create a tour focused on shining the spot light on Montreal’s unique brewpubs and local products. Initially part of Local Montreal Tours, the Montreal Craft Beer Tours now stands on its own. It has been praised and recognized by multiple local and national media outlets, received a grand prize from Tourism Montreal in 2013, and is currently rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

Our Mission

Our mission at Montreal Craft Beer Tours is to provide you not only with an experience of Montreal’s local products and artisans, but also with a taste of Montreal herself. We want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones, and to truly come into contact with what the city genuinely offers.

It is an honour working with local employees and the artisans responsible for the brewpubs. We believe that it is important to connect, support and develop relationships with the craftsmen and women, and innovators behind those companies.

We are proud to be ambassadors of this distinct city, and strive to represent its authentic charm, “joie de vivre”, and its so prevalent sense of community. We strongly believe in the tourism industry and do our best to innovate and produce tours that represent Montreal fairly and most importantly bring people together.