Where can I park?

Some parking spots are available on St-Denis Street near the first brewpub, but it can get a little pricey. We suggest taking the metro. The meeting point is only a few minutes walking distance from a very central metro station (Berri-Uqam).

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online on our website, or over the phone by calling our ticket provider at 1-866-451-9158. Payment options are Visa, Amex, or MasterCard. Cash and walk-ups the day of the tour will not be accepted.

Do I need to reserve in advance?

Yes, all tickets must be purchased in advance, up until 10am on the day of the tour. In order to increase chances of getting your preferred date and time, we suggest purchasing tickets as far in advance as possible (a few weeks if you can), as The Craft Beer Tour sells out quickly.

How do I reserve a ticket?

We cannot “reserve” a ticket, but a spot can be secured by purchasing a ticket.

Do you have a waiting list when a  Craft Beer Tour is sold out?

We do not have a waiting list system. However, if a specific tour sells out, we often have other tours that could accommodate your schedule on the same day, or surrounding dates. If you do not see the date and time you want on our calendar, please email us to make a request.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Can I book a private group tour?

We offer private tours to groups of 12 and up, from Monday to Thursday. Head to our Private Group Tours page to fill out and submit a Private Group Tour Request Form. A member of our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Do you offer tours in French?

We offer French tours about once a week, typically on Saturdays. Please consult our calendar for specific dates. If you are unable to make the scheduled dates, please fill out our Private Tour Request form to request an alternate date.

How much beer do I get to drink?

The Montreal Craft Beer Tour includes six tastings per participant. Each one of these beer tastings is 5 oz, for a total of 30 oz of beer per participant.

Can I order extra drinks while taking the tour?

Although we do agree that beer is amazing, we ask you not to order any extra drinks during the duration of the tour. Payments, orders, consumption time of extra drinks, are not part of the scheduled structure of the tour, and cause delays, which can heavily impact the smooth running the event. We do, however, encourage you to stay at the last brewpub we visit and order as much as you like when the tour is over!

Can you tell me about my guide?

Our guides are local craft beer geeks who are passionate about Montreal’s craft beer scene. They’ll tell you stories about the brewpubs and the brewers that make it all possible, as well as history of the neighbourhood. Don’t be afraid to ask your guide about their favourite things to do in Montreal or for inside knowledge about our great city!

Where does the Montreal Craft Beer Tour start?

The tour starts at Le St-Bock at 1749 Rue Saint-Denis, corner of Ontario East. Here is a Google map link. Please note that French tour does not start at the same Brewpub. More information will be given in the confirmation email.

Do you sell gift certificates?

We do! To purchase or learn more about our Gift Certificates, please call 1-866-451-9158 or click on our Gift Certificates page.

Is there a lot of walking? Is it fast paced?

The Montreal Craft Beer Tour lasts 3 hours. We walk 1.5 kilometres at a moderate pace, and spend about 25 minutes at each location. There are many opportunities to sit and relax.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately there are too many stairs involved to make the tour wheelchair accessible. However, we suggest the Benelux on Sherbrooke for those looking for a wheelchair-accessible brewpub. More info on their website: http://brasseriebenelux.com/sherbrooke What if I have allergies? Or dietary restrictions?

We are able to provide substitutions for most dietary restrictions. When purchasing tickets, please fill out the designated field and specify your allergy or restriction. Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free diets and vegetarians are welcome! Let us know in advance and we’ll alter your tastings.

Do you have an alcohol-free option?

Absolutely! We have a “no alcohol” ticket option you can choose when purchasing tickets. This ticket includes food at each brewpub and sparkling water.

I’m travelling with a child. Can I bring him/her along?

Unfortunately, one of our locations has a no minors policy. For this reason, we cannot accommodate children or babies on the tour.

I’m from Montreal. Will I still have a good time?

Totally! Many of our participants are native Montrealers. Our tours have a strong focus on craft beer tasting, the stories behind the people who make them, and the breweries themselves. This makes it perfect for tourists and locals alike, as long you’ve got a passion for craft beer.  It’s also a great way to get to know a new neighbourhood if you’re new to the city, or throwing a birthday, bachelor party, or as a team-building activity.

Do I need to give a gratuity?

Our guides work really hard to make sure their tour participants have a fun, engaging, and insightful experience. If you had a wonderful time on the tour, while not mandatory, a gratuity of 15-20%, is greatly appreciated.

What if I’m a vegetarian, gluten free or vegan?

No problem! We’ll make adjustments to your food pairings. For the Gluten-Free consumers we offer Glutenberg beers that are made without Gluten. More information on https://glutenberg.ca/  Can I shop during the tour?

We ask you to refrain from shopping during the tour, and save it for after. This ensures that the tour can run smoothly and keep on schedule, making sure that you get the most out of our tour, as well as an enjoyable experience. We encourage you to go back to the brewpubs after the tour if you saw anything you wanted to purchase, taste, or try!

Does the tour end where it begins?

No, the tour ends a 15-minute walk from the meeting point, at the third and final brewpub. If you need to return to a parked car or have accommodations nearby, it will be easy for you.

Is there an ideal time to take the tour?

The Montreal Craft Beer Tour is a great way to get to know Montreal breweries. For that reason, we suggest taking the tour at the beginning of your visit, so that you have the opportunity later to return to your favourite craft beer spot. Start-time-wise, any time is a good time to take a craft beer tour!

Can I take a Craft Beer Tour any time of the year?

We offer tours from February to the beginning of December.

Which brewpubs do we visit?

These are listed on the main Montreal Craft Beer Tour webpage. Brewpubs can change without notice.

What type of beer are we drinking?

The products change every week at the brewpubs we visit. We drink a variety of six beers from Hefeweizen, pilsners, IPA, Porters, Pale Ales and many others.

Are there bathroom breaks?

Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour at the brewpubs we visit.

What happens if it rains or snows?

We are Montrealers, so tours take place rain or shine, or snow! Please wear comfortable shoes & weather-appropriate clothing.

Do we just walk, drink, and eat?

Although that does sound lovely, we do much more! The Montreal Craft Beer Tour has a strong emphasis on Montreal’s architecture, history, and local culture.

If you want the insider scoop on this, check out our Tripadvisor, yelp, Google+ reviews! You can also check out our blog for hints from locals on the city’s best spots.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! We encourage you to take pictures and videos, so that you can remember your Montreal Craft Beer Tour experience.