Montreal Bachelor Party : 14 Nightime Activity Ideas

Montreal bachelor party ideas

Montreal Bachelor Party Nightime Ideas and activities

Are you planning the bachelor party of a lifetime, in a city you don’t know, for your best friend? Sounds like quite the challenge! Don’t risk your friendship by throwing a bad bachelor party… Instead, avail yourself of this night time guide we’ve put together for you. Mix and match activities, pick 1, 2, 3… you’re in for a Montréal flavoured treat!

14. Best spots to pre-drink… and go!

montreal bachelor party night distillerie


La Distillerie is known for their exquisite drinks, youthful atmosphere, and overall feeling that you’re in the best drinking spot in the city. Yes, the lineup to get in might be part of that feeling, but if your groom is a cocktail snob, he’ll be happy to wait. Other favourites include Big in Japan for an atmosphere locals love, le Mal Necessaire for smaller groups, and Le Reservoir for craft beer and snack lovers.

13. Where go dancing, you ask?

Source: Velvet Speakeasy Montreal Bachelor Party at night

Source: Velvet Speakeasy

Ah the Velvet. Located in Old Montreal and connected to the Auberge St-Gabriel, this speakeasy nightclub is one of the classiest and sexiest in the city. Attracting a crowd in the 25 to 35’s range, it’s full of night club goers who know how to dance, and how to party. Bring your groom here for some Montreal fun he’s sure to remember….. if he doesn’t drink too much.

11.Kick it off with a Montreal Craft Beer Tour

Montreal bachelor party activity idea itinerary montreal craft beer tours - montreal brewpub experience

Not sure what to do during the hours preceding your dinner reservation? Treat the groom to an Craft beer experience with a 3 hour walking beer tour! 3 pubs and an awesome balance of both artisanal beer and Montreal info, the Montreal Bachelor Party Craft Beer Tour is pretty much the best way to have fun with the guys before you’re too drunk to remember it!

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12. Plateau dancing spots

bachelor parties montreal salon daome

Photo: Salon Daome

By now, your research on Montreal should have revealed that the Plateau is its hot spot. Hip bars, stores, clubs… the crème de la crème is usually there. Dancing is no exception. Try Ecole Privee, a new nightclub known for its impeccable decor, stylish patrons, and hipster-approved DJ’s. For a more underground feel, Salon Daome on Mont-Royal has a cozy, local-approved vibe to it. The Belmont, located near Daome on the corner of St-Laurent and Mont-Royal can be fun to check out. The venue hosts events of all kinds, mainly electronic music and hip-hop gigs. Check out their calendar here.

10. Pick the right strip club

montreal bachelor party stripclub


Let’s make sure you don’t pick the wrong strip club for your friend’s bachelor party, shall we? That could go… really badly. Kamasutra is known for maintaining class while providing you with the sultry experience you’re looking for. It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a lush, sensual experience you’ll be happy you budgeted for it.

9. Go to Chez Serge, ride the only mechanical bull in Montreal

montreal bachelor party chez serge


Ah, Chez Serge, the funky sports bar where the ladies dance on the bar. It’s home to the only mechanical bull in the city, so if you want to dare the groom to get on one of those during his last night of freedom, here’s your chance. They also have a wheel of fortune full of alcoholic prizes to be won. Head here to watch the game, talk to the fun waitresses, maybe even meet some French girls…! The vibrant atmosphere is just what your bachelor is on the hunt for. Starting your evening out here is probably a good bet: loosen up with all the crazy Chez Serge shenanigans before hitting the town.

8. Join the nightly house party at this “apartment”

night time bachelor party apt 200


Located on trendy St-Laurent, Apt 200 has an incredible decor and plays blogosphere-approved music. Located on the second floor, with huge windows that open up in the summer, the place truly gives an intimate feel as if you were at a celebrity’s house party of the year. And oh yeah, there’s an actual “bedroom”. With an actual bed. Make that the groom’s throne for the night. Apt 200 attracts a younger crowd, so consider yourself warned if things get wild.

7. Get loose with some laughter

montreal bachelor party at night comedy


A great way to loosen up for the night is to kick it off at one of Montreal’s comedy clubs. Comedians usually get a kick out of picking on bachelor parties, so be warned. The good news is that you guys will be the centre of attention for a little while and will make a few Montreal friends (maybe). If this sounds like your cup of bachelor party tea, we suggest Comedy Works on Bishop for its central location. Another option is Comedy Nest in the old Forum. Going there will simultaneously brush you up on your Montreal hockey history, as the building has preserved some of its heritage.

6. Watch the hockey game at a sports bar

montreal bachelor party watch game

Ok, time to get Canadian. Quebec might be the country’s black sheep, but when it comes to Hockey… it blends right in. If your groom is a hockey fan, you have to join Habs fans on game night and experience the rowdy, energetic atmosphere. Irish pubs are plentiful in this city, and usually a great choice for game-watching. Ye Old Orchard (multiple locations), The Irish Embassy, and Hurley’s are good places to start. These are all located downtown, with a mainly English-speaking crowdFor a taste of Montreal’s trendy, impressive decor bars, you can make your way to Sieur d’Iberville (you may learn some French here, too), or Fitzroy on Mont-royal. Fitzroy has pool tables, arcade games, loft space… it’s pretty much a playground. And  finally, Burgundy Lion in Little Burgundy is a British pub dedicated to the craft of game watching. Bonus: Chez Serge is actually a prime option, too. Get there a little early to reserve a table.

5. What about after….hours?

montreal night time bachlor party circus


Montreal’s reputation for being a party town doesn’t stop after 3am. No way. Follow the party to Circus Afterhours when the bars close if you want to keep your legs moving. It’s probably the best known “after” in the city, both for its music and special events. The crowd will be mixed, and remember: no alcohol is served, as 3pm is the cut-off time for sales. So make sure you’re nice and sloshed before you go!

4. Go VIP with Connected Montreal



Connected Montreal is the city’s best VIP service for bachelor parties. The guys behind this service are seasoned Montreal nightlife pros, with access to pretty much everything you could want for an unforgettable night. With 3 packages to choose from, and tons of room for tailoring the evening to the groom’s preferences…give these guys a shout if you need that extra hand planning your party!

3. Where to dine

night time bachelor party activities dining


Food. Montreal is really good at food. The challenge when you’re planning a bachelor party will be finding a quality spot with a great atmosphere, that can accomodate your large (ish) group.  If you’re looking for the city’s foodie spots, Au Pied de Cochon is generously praised by every food critic and visitor who walks through its doors, so make a reservation! La Salle a Manger will give you a taste of Montreal in a laid back atmosphere. And Club Chasse et Peche is a must for meat lovers! If you’re looking for a mid-priced spot with an atmosphere that’s not too pretentious, La Raclette in the Plateau is bring your own wine European restaurant and happy to welcome large groups.

2. What about grabbing a beer?

night time montreal bachelor party dieu du ciel

Source: Dieu du Ciel

If you’re not taking the Montreal Craft Beer Tour, you can still take advantage Montreal’s booming craft beer scene. Besides, it’s never a bad idea to sample a few brews after dinner. Microbrewery Dieu du Ciel is a local favourite, nestled on Laurier in the trendy Mile-End area. They even have an appropriately named aphrodisiaque brew for you guys! Vices et Versa will show you a taste of Quebec, as it 33 locally brewed craft beers on tap alone. Both are quality choices with great atmospheres that won’t disappoint.

1. Midnight snack, anyone?

Source: La Banquise

Source: La Banquise

The highlight of your bachelor party might be the strippers, the night club, the pub crawl… but it also might be… the poutine you eat at 3 am with your new friends! Post-bar food is always the best: you’ve had an amazing night, met some new people, burnt a million calories… and need to refuel. There are a few spots that stay open late and are happy to serve you. La Banquise offers more varieties of poutine than you thought possible, and is open 24h a day.Lebanese spot Boustan, famous for their “creation” sandwich, is open until 4am, and is so popular that it has a Wikipedia page. And, just in case you want a fancy French meal at 1am, L’express on St-Denis is at your service.