“It’s to allow people to discover Montreal though one of the most local products you can get here, craft beer,” said Ismael Peladeau, who started the tour a couple of years ago.” – Global News Montreal.

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“What better way to explore the city than by sampling its world-renowned brew scene,  furthering not only our knowledge of Quebec beer and what makes a good one, but also our knowledge of Montreal, the Quebecois people and why you can sum up Montreal with the words, Joie de vivre!” – Travel & Escape

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 “The dizzying selection of pubs from which to sample beer throughout the Latin Quarter and on St-Denis induces a tipsiness of its own. Steady yourself with some firsthand guidance from Ismael Peladeau on his brewpub tour.”

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“Introduction to beer tasting. Featured in the Journal de Montréal in the Art of Living section withe the journalist Louis-Philippe Messier.

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Every good bachelor party should involve beer, lots of good beer. The Craft Beer Tour is a great Montreal bachelor party idea because, not only will you be able to get a healthy day buzz going, but also eat delicious foods while exploring the city. By MTL Blog. Montreal Bachelor Party 7 things to do


Ulysses Grand Prize Winner at Tourism Montreal in the category Touristic Services for the Montreal Brewpub Experience Beer Tour. GPTQ_laureat_regional_monochrome_2013