Rosemont Neighbourhood Craft Beer Tour


Savour unique beers from 3 outstanding breweries: Depending on the products available at each brewery, you’ll have the chance to taste either a Brett-style, seasonal, or sour beer in addition to the Pilsners and Double IPAs offered on every tour. Sample a selection of delicious beers that’ll delight your taste buds, while your guide points out the subtle flavours and explains the brewing technique. Kombucha and hop tea are other options on the menu, and carefully-selected dishes accompany each beer. Enjoy unique flavour combinations: savour a poutine made with Quebec’s Pied-De-Vent cheese that’ll enhance the flavour of your Isle de Garde Brewery beer sample. The tour price includes the beer tastings, food pairings, gratuity for the waitstaff, and taxi fare between the first and second breweries.

A glimpse into the world of artisanal beer at Isle de Garde and Brouhaha breweries: In addition to tasting the exceptional products of these breweries, you’ll step into the interesting universe of beer tasting and pairing. Learn about artisanal beer flavour nuances and appropriate food combinations. Your guide also provides information and encourages discussion on the different beer styles found at the breweries: Brett, seasonal, and sour.

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look: At MABRASSERIE, step into the brewing facility to see their tanks and installations. Learn all about the art of brewing a good beer and what makes their brewing technique unique.


Our guided tour of artisanal breweries is perfect for Montrealers and other Quebecers alike. Created with beer lovers in mind, it will interest those wishing to expand their appreciation of microbreweries, foodies, couples, friends and families looking to have fun together while savouring delicious, quality products. It makes a great gift for any occasion: birthdays, corporate team building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or simply to spend time among friends. If you’re traveling or live around the block, we guarantee you’ll have a great time. You’ll leave the tour with a light heart, new understanding about microbreweries and, let’s be honest, a little bit tipsy!

IMPORTANT: The price of the ticket does not include transportation back to the point of departure. The tour ends at MABRASSERIE located on Holt Street. The most efficient way back is by taxi, but buses stop every 30 minutes on De Lorimier Avenue.


Rosemont is quickly becoming the neighbourhood with the most microbreweries in Canada! With more than 10 artisanal breweries and many new projects in the making, beer lovers will not want to miss this area. On the artisanal brewery tour, we invite participants to taste some of the best beer in Montreal. Let yourself be charmed by this friendly neighbourhood as you discover all of its best kept secrets, culture, and delicious artisanal beers. You’ll receive information on other brewpubs, beer stores, restaurants, cultural hubs, and entertainment nearby. In addition, to take things one step further, you’ll get a classic beer tasting chart. Discover why Rosemont is an absolute must for beer lovers and brewing connoisseurs.


Ready to satisfy your tastebuds with the Rosemont Artisanal Brewery Tour of Montreal? Call 514-613-1259 or click on “BUY TICKETS.” We’re looking forward to helping you discover the neighbourhood and guarantee this will be a unique and memorable experience!

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    If you are looking for an authentic off-the-beaten-path craft beer experience, the Rosemont Craft Beer Tour is for you!

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